Ruuuuude is the new black..

This has been bumping around in my head for quite some time, but I hit my breaking point the other day, and here we are.

Once upon a time, people sucked much less than they do now. But the world has “evolved”, and rude abhorrent behavior has become the norm.

I am not okay with this.

Yoga pants became acceptable to wear in all walks of life. I am not a fan, but it doesn’t personally affect me, so I really don’t care.

Crappy reality tv is on every channel, in all different genres. I am not a fan, but it doesn’t personally affect me, so I really don’t care.

Using ridiculous slang and abbreviations has become the norm, and is used by not only teenaged girls, but professionals. I am not a fan, but it doesn’t personally affect me, so I really don’t care. (though, the over-use of “lol” makes me feel crazy from time to time, and possibly scream into pillows when I have a slew of them thrown at me.. but I digress)

These are things that didn’t used to be prevalent, but now are. That’s fine! People can like what they want, and I don’t have to like it, too.


The fact that blatant disregard for human civility and compassion is now a part of day to day life? Not a fan!! And it does personally affect me, so I care. I care a lot. I give many shits and fucks about this development!

What the hell happened to mankind that it is so socially acceptable to be a flaming douchebag, day in and day out, and no one bats an eye!? What could possibly be so wrong with these peoples lives that they intentionally shit on everyone’s parade, like some sort of vindictive pigeon.


There are rude ass people everywhere you look now. I do not find it acceptable that it is more common to be greeted with scowls and gruffs than a smile. And this just isn’t because I surround myself with grumpy assholes… neigh neigh. This is everywhere! It is a mother fucking pandemic. It is running amok in our society and I am very disheartened by that fact.

I am not so disenchanted to believe that everyone should walk around with a smile plastered on their face and roses shooting out of their ass.. but for the love of god, TRY! Try to be a decent human, and maybe your life will be less gloomy. I, for one, am less likely to smile and be polite to someone who is a giant asshole and is shooting glares or curse words at me. I will not try to turn their frowns upside down. Do it yourself. I am not here to “deal” with your shit attitude… if people insist on being total assclowns and being miserable to be around, they will just be miserable without me. Cuz life is too damned short to be grumpy all the time, to act like someone shit in your cheerios every day, or to be forlorn because someone was a douche to you and you let it ruin your day.

I do not want my kids growing up in a world where it is more socially acceptable to be an asshole than a kind and decent person.

SO! On that note… all of you grumbling asshole pigeons… get your head out of your ass, throw on some yoga pants, watch some shitty reality tv, and TRY!

There is beauty in every day. Fucking look for it!


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