It’s raining..

And there is snow in the forecast. Not in the far-off forecast, like one would hope, but in the immediate future.

I don’t have shoes. I mean, I have shoes, I am not a hobbit. But my shoes are 6 years old and make my toes feel like a steamroller has run them over and then dragged them over jagged rocks. It isn’t pleasant. I am not a big shoe buyer. I don’t like buying shit for myself (unless it is hoodies, but shut your mouth, they’re an investment.. at least that’s what I tell myself, as many/most of them have yet to ever see the light of day.. again, shut your mouth)

I buy flip flops every spring. Love flip flops. I would wear them all year long if I could, which leads me to believe I was supposed to live on a warmer piece of this earth than I do. But I digress – northern Alberta has its perks. Give me a second and I am sure I can come up with something… but I’ve strayed.

Shoes. I have been putting off buying my shoes, which according to crap I have been seeing on IG and FB, apparently I chose a trendy shoe without even realizing it. Go me. Ahead of the trends. But since I haven’t bought them yet (been putting it off for months) now I will just appear to be another lemming. Sigh. And now my feet will be frozen, and likely filthy, due to the impending snow shit and the lack of coverage I have for my freshly pedicured feet.

So when someone says “don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today” heed it! Your feet will thank you.


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