Like whores…


My friend lives far away, so the better part of our friendship has taken place via some form of technology, whether it be texting, phone calls, emails, ridiculous facebook messages, etc. During one of our conversations the other day, this topic came up, and I just had the sudden urge to say something about it… but then I got busy doing something else, and am only remembering to do it now. I am a mom of three, so sue me for getting preoccupied.. at least I remember to shower on a regular basis.

Okay… so as the title states, this is about “like whores”. Although, the “whores” are the ones who are giving it away, and what I am referring to are the ones who are in need of likes… so perhaps something more appropriate would be “like johns”.. although, that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. So bare with me through this inaccurately titled trollop…

We live in a world where social media now runs every aspect of our existence. It accounts for a staggering amount of our communication with other people. While I find this absolutely intriguing, a part of me also misses picking up the phone or showing up on someones step without them asking why you didn’t text first. The mystery is gone – the mystery of life, who you’ll meet, where you’ve been… all of it. It’s gone, because everything you need to know about someone is plastered all over social media.

And it is with that plastering where I find my topic. I was in this deep conversation with someone who, like me, isn’t really into filling our pages with our every move (seriously people, who effing cares where you walked today, or what you ate last night… my god!) Sure, I may post pics of my kids, or ridiculous things they say, but I assure you, no one but me knows what I have done today or what color my underwear are. I am a proud mom and that is pretty much all I bother to post about, so shut it. My big issue are the people who post every move, every sight, every musing, every conversation, every step, every sneeze, every meal… on facebook (or other platforms) and then get bent out of shape when they don’t have likes and comments on every single picture or post.

Get a grip on reality, people! Not everyone sits on their phones/computers/tablets and waits, with bated breath, to see just what you are up to. Some things can happen without it going on a wall of some sort. And just because people don’t like it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! It doesn’t take away any of its legitimacy.. why can’t people just be content with existing? Why must so many demand an audience and external gratification!?

Sure, there are situations where there is a biological obligation to like and/or comment on photos/posts.. I get it. And I fully believe that family should support family, especially when it involves kids or exciting life moments. BUT! As for the rest of the world? Give it a break, and stop expecting hundreds of likes and comments when you post a photo of the grass, or a cloud, or a damned tree.. cuz you know what? I can look out my window and see grass, a cloud and a tree.. and I am not going to run outside and thank the earth for providing it to me! Yes, I am grateful, but if that is all I did, there would be no time for anything else.

It is like that scene in Vacation where Christina Applegate’s character is being berated for not liking and commenting on every picture her friend had posted. That kind of expectations are unreasonable and totally exhausting!! And I told my friend about that scene, and she started snorting because it reminded her of exactly who she had mentioned in the first place. How can people make others feel bad for not participating in every moment of their lives? It just feels unrealistic to be expected to spend hours of your life going over hours of other peoples lives. Just live your life and be happy with the outcome!

I guess there are just always going to be people who look outwardly for gratification, love and happiness. And nowadays, it seems like it has become a popularity contest on every platform that is available to us. And that sickens me. Look inwardly for your happiness, because if you base it on everyone else and their opinion of you, or the amount of likes you get, you are never going to find it. Happiness is not as fleeting as a like on a photo… happiness is within, and deserves as much effort as you give your social media. Work on you. And stop giving a shit who approves of your every move, or your photo of the grass.. Seriously dude, it’s just fucking grass.


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