Lol has a time and place.. maybe..

“LOL” is not a form of punctuation, or a form of grammar. It is an idiotic acronym that has become a normal way for people to communicate.

Well, I am here to tell you, it is not a period, or a comma, or an exclamation point. Nor does it need to be attached to every text you send. Imagine yourself standing in front of the person you are texting or emailing. Would you actually laugh out loud at them while having this conversation? Imagine how dumb you would look.

“good morning!”

“good morning” and then boisterously laugh in someones face.

What the actual hell? That just doesn’t happen!! So I ask  you this…

Why is “lol” being added to nearly every sentence that is typed? I understand the use of it if you are actually laughing out loud, but using it as a form of grammar or punctuation? Screw you! Learn how to communicate like a normal person. And I adamantly refuse to believe that the overuse of “lol” is now normal, and those people who throw it in in every sentence are the normal ones! No frigging way. Not while there is still breath in my lungs.

I will be the first to admit, I use “hahaha” a lot in my texts. But I am actually laughing as I type these things! Therefore, justified! I have NEVER typed

“hello haha.” “how are you haha.” “good morning hahahahahaha”

NO! Because I am not a flailing crazy person who’s jacked up on too much lithium.

I am just saying… use some common sense. And if you would laugh in my face in a conversation, fine! use “lol” freely. However, if you wouldn’t, may I suggest the use of periods and exclamation points instead. And if you do laugh out loud in my face during a normal conversation, and there was nothing to prompt the laughter, you can bet your ass I will just turn and walk away. No way I am I getting entangled in your lithium bust just because of how close I am standing to you.

But, that’s just my opinion… lol. (now excuse me while I go kick my own ass…)


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