All that sparkles is gone…

We moved into our house on November 25th, and I decided to put up our tree and decorations right off the bat. It made more sense to me than unpacking the whole house, and then moving a ton of stuff to get the Christmas rubbish up. Yes, I am very wise! But save your applause til the end.

So, we have been in here for just over a month (and may I say how lovely it is to move in the winter! Everyone needs to try that just once in their lives.. you know what they say, misery loves company!) But anyway.. our house has been all shiny and silver and dripping sparkly shit since we moved in. While I admit that I love the lights, I despise the mess. I am not much of a light-turner-oner, so Christmas is wonderful, cuz all of the lights are on and I don’t need to use any lamps or the god awful ceiling lights. HOWEVER! When the garland explodes and little slivers of silver are attached to everything, I have minor panic attacks. And for a Type A, this is rather dangerous.

But I do it for my kids! They love it. Their eyes still fill with magic and wonder, and get all giddy when the tree is set up. I had my apprehensions about having it up with our little furball this year, but the little feline a-hole did surprisingly well for this being his first Christmas. My older two are pretty much out of the “santa” lie, but my 4 year old is still deep in it. So we all do our best to make it special and magical.. this will be our last little one, and once the jig is up, that will be it for us and the magic of Christmas.

Most years, by noon on December 26th my house is de-sparkly-shited and life is back to normal. However, due to divorce papers, my older two boys weren’t with us this year, so we had to postpone our big family shin-dig until January 1st. (sidenote: shin-dig? Why is this phrase related to things that should be enjoyable? One would think that digging your shin would be unpleasant.. but that’s just my opinion) So I had an extra week of the festive mess so that our family Christmas could be decorated accordingly. It was nice, it was busy, it was hot but it was fun.

Our family has grown exponentially over the last few years. For the longest time, it was just the parents and us 4 kids. Then I had a kid, then another, then the siblings started pairing off, then I had another kid, then in one year, 2 more kids were brought into the family, and then another last year. So now we are up to 2 parents, 4 kids with partners, and 6 grandchildren. It’s a lot of people! But, it is my people, so it is cool. I mean, it was stifling hot in here, but it was still cool.

But we did it, it was a few hours of insanity, and once everyone was back to their cozy abodes, we put our kids to bed, cleaned up the kitchen, got into our comfy pants and I told my husband I wanted to take down the Christmas crap. He snorted, threw himself on the couch and turned on the hockey game. Fine. I plopped myself down on the couch and apparently succumbed to how exhausted I must have been, because I woke up later to my husband talking about Lethal Weapon 4. Nothing says the end of Christmas much better than Riggs and Murtaugh blathering on about being “too old for this shit”.

But for now, my house is back to being just a normal amount of mess. Maybe I should look at this differently and appreciate the sparkly shit – I suppose it is just a really pretty mess.


After…. *sigh of relief*  


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