Roll with the times…

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s (Geeeeez that makes me feel so old to type!) and I can recall my childhood, and think of it very fondly. I didn’t grow up in a home with all the bells and whistles, or with all of the latest and greatest of everything, but we did have one thing – happiness. We had a crapton of happiness, and I have so many good memories from my childhood. We moved a lot, but my mom always managed to find us great homes to live in, with lots of room to run and play.

The last house I lived in with my family has provided the brunt of my memories. We had an acerage, so there was always something to do. We had a trike (those devil machines that were pulled off of the market because they were horribly unsafe – yay us – we drove it and lived to tell the tale!), at one point we also had horses, we had chickens and turkeys and a rooster (no good memories from those sons-of-bitches, let me tell you! you know no pain and terror until you’ve been chased by turkeys and a pissed off rooster, and had your ass clamped down on by a beak!), we also had a basketball hoop on the back pad that I spent hours and hours playing on (which is probably why I had such a good shot!) OH! And a trampoline (what kid didn’t have a trampoline growing up!? I landed in emerg due to that contraption, but that’s a story for another time) We spent all of our time outdoors, and if we weren’t outside (due to the wonderful Northern Alberta weather!) you could find us in our basement playing Kings of the Beach on our bad-ass Nintendo – yes, you read that correctly, the original Nintendo! That’s how I grew up – exploring outside, playing outside, getting into “country kids” mischief, and being in insane shape.

NOW!! My kids – yikes. Not to say that they aren’t active or adventurous, or in bad shape, but they certainly don’t play like I used to. My husband and I were talking about that today, actually. Kids nowadays are so wrapped up in electronics and all of the newest and latest gadgets, that sometimes I honestly believe that they forget that there is a whole world outside of their little digital Minecraft village!

But, that is the life we live in, now. Kids have more electronics than their parents, toddlers can work iPhones and Wii’s and tv remotes, and parents ask their children to help teach them how to work the tv and phone and iPad and computer. HA! It is a bit ridiculous, but that’s our world, now. The scary part about it is how much easier it is for predators to get at your kids, now. But I have lots of locks, restrictions and passwords set up on my kids electronics, so I will keep them safe for as long as I can.

I just wish they would spend more time outside. Outside is good! Outside is free – hahaha! But it is the world we live in – outside is no longer a fun novelty, it is a punishment thrust upon them for goofing up on their electronics. I am glad my kids enjoy their skateboards and bmx bikes and trampoline and swings and baseball bats and golf clubs – I feel like I am doing something right in that aspect… then they come running up to me, all bursting with pride and excitement, and then show me their Minecraft village. HA! I love you boys, but I kinda don’t care where you put your make-believe kitchen and living room. But good job on making everything so symmetrical!

I’m really not an uncaring person, I just lack the desire to look at a world made of little cubes. But maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am just too old to get it? Who knows.. All I know is that to go outside is free, and my 4 year old has been able to work iTunes for 2 years. My, how the times have changed.


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