That thing, relationships and my side of the bed…

There was a time in my life where I believed that I would never feel “that thing”… You know, the butterflies and giddiness, the forever-love warm and fuzzies, the our-future-is-so-bright-we-have-to-wear-shades, the I-can’t-imagine-my-life-without-you love.. you know.. fairytale crap. And you know what? I was perfectly happy with that. I had made myself a little bubble and was “happily” living my life in my ignorant complacency. Then this boy came into my life, and flipped it upside down, inside out, sideways, and pretty much every other imaginable direction. And now, I have “that thing” every single day, and I could not be happier..


So, when my husband, T, and I got together 5 years ago, he was very inquisitive – more so than I had really anticipated or ever experienced before. He wanted to know everything about me (as lame and boring as that sounds!) and I gladly forked over as much info as he was requesting. One time, he asked my what side of the bed I slept on, and without giving it much thought, I told him “the right” (right if you are laying in bed, and left if you are standing at the foot of the bed) and we carried on our merry way. It wasn’t until later that year when we moved in together, that I had to make my first concession in our relationship. See, what I didn’t know was that when he asked me about my side of the bed, he then began sleeping on that side of his bed “to be closer” to me. Sweet as hell? You bet. Did I bite me in the ass? FOR SURE! I had officially found the love of my life, and he klepto’d my side of the bed! Crap. Compromise… crap. We spent a few months arguing (in one of those annoyingly cute “we-just-moved-in-together-and-still-shit-skittles” kind of ways) and in the end, what ended up as the deciding factor was him saying “I need to be between you and the door, in case anyone breaks in” aww, cute, right? Pfft.. just ploy to steal my side.

But it’s okay.. he is wonderful. Do I miss my side of the bed? Sure. But the nights that he works, I take up the whole bed, out of principle. HAHA! But, he does the same thing when he sleeps without me. I guess we are just two peas in a pod – both who claim the right side is their side.

No relationship is perfect 😉


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