Security tags suck!

So, I bought this hoodie the other day (because I have a problem!) and it’s so pretty and wonderful – I love it! I know it may seem absurd to buy a hoodie in the middle of May, but I don’t really see it that way A) I have a thyroid thing and am cold ALL THE DAMNED TIME! B) it really is very pretty! And c) as aforementioned, I have a problem! 

But I digress… 

I was saving it for today to wear it – Friday, last day of work, bla bla – who knows why my brain works the way it does, but it felt appropriate. So I got dressed and ready, in the dark as with every other morning (though, living in northern Alberta, it’s getting light out super early, which is nice!) I kissed my husband goodbye and scooted excitedly into my kitchen to put on my new wonderful black cotton snuggle.. I set it on my kitchen table to get my water for my vitamins and what do I hear? A click. Click?! NO! Damned ink filled plastic contraption all frigging speared through the ribbing around the bottom of my new friend. DAMNIT! 

5am and your hopes and dreams for the day go flushing down the toilet. What to do? Husbands big comfy hoodie to the rescue! And the day is saved 🙂 


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