Wagon.. which one are you on?

I will be the first to admit, the last few weeks (read: month) has been rather hard on me and my goals. Everything was in flux, there was an abundance of stress, and my body did not appreciate any of it. In just a short 2.5 weeks, my body packed on TWELVE POUNDS! Awesome. Cuz I didn’t have a long f*cking road ahead of me as it was… super appreciate it.. thanks, body!

But it is okay – while life was in flux, I did not eat well, did not sleep well, did not drink enough water, and let every little thing get to me. Well, NO MORE! Thanks, but no thanks. My husband and I are all settled into our new chapter, and doing really well, so now it is just a matter of putting myself first every now and then, again.

So Monday came, and I was back on it. When I put my mind to it, I am usually insatiable. I put my head down and go. And that absurd dedication is back with a vengeance! I did my work-out (for the first time in a shamefully long time) and it felt great! I am going to admit though, I DESPERATELY miss my ceiling fan! Our new living room is a bit warm (thanks south facing enormous living room window!) and the window doesn’t open (genius…) I don’t like feeling all hot and nasty while I am exercising… but I persevered.. haha.  And my food and water have been ON POINT for the last 3 days. It’s no screaming hell, but it is a step in the right direction. And it is a ripple effect.. one stone thrown in the pool and the ripples just keep going out. That is what I am aiming for – a bunch of awesome ripples. OH! I just realized that could also apply to muscles! Damn, I am witty and didn’t even intend to be!

So ya, what I am trying to say is that for too long, I was on the IDGAF Express, and I no longer care to be on that wagon. So I am firmly back on the “No More Chunky Butt” wagon, and happy to be here.


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