Boxes and silver linings

Over the past month, I have watched my life go back into boxes… It is a feeling and sight I am more than familiar with. I have moved a lot in my life, and as much as I hate packing, moving into a new place is always kind of fun. Organizing a new space can be cathartic. Though, our next move is going to be verrrrry temporary… My husband is referring to is as our “pit stop to our forever” and that makes me very excited and happy to think about 🙂

My husband has an uncanny way of making me see the bright side of everything. He is my silver lining. When I get down on things about everything changing, he is the one who pulls me back in. When I get upset about my thyroid and everything that is messed up, he makes me smile. When I get sad about all of the junk that has transpired over the past few years, he brings to my attention everything that has gone right or gotten better, and it makes me happy.

So I know that no matter what happens with our future, I will be happy as long as he is standing beside me. And I know that he will always be beside me… moving boxes, thyroid issues, weight problems, drama, uncertainty, anything.. he will be beside me, and everything will be okay.

My energy level has gone up a ton since I started taking all of these new vitamins and I am hoping that once the stress of my current situation subsides, the weight will start coming off again. But until that happens, I will keep plugging along, drinking my Shakeology and doing my thing, and knowing that I am doing my best, and living in my own personal silver lining with my happily ever after….



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