I’ll take “sick as hell” Alex… 


Sometimes you can be trucking along, doing your own thing, thinking everything is dandy. Then one day you wake up, and feel a little worn out. 

“Okay”, you say, “just get some more sleep and up your water intake.” 

Done and done. 

Wake up another day, and realize not only have you spent the majority of the last few days peeing your life away, but you actually feel worse. 

Fast forward another few days and wake up so dizzy that you can not stand. Awesomesauce. 

Why is this happening? Perhaps getting a chest cold, a sinus cold and the flu all at the same time is natures way of telling you to calm the eff down, sleep a little better and slow down.

Perhaps I wasn’t handling my stress as well as I thought. Haha! Or! I’m just so efficient, my  body is getting all of my illnesses out of the way all at once. 

Either way, I’m so thankful for my couch, my warm cozy bed and my kids who are so sweet, they took care of me yesterday. Sadly, my sweet Hubsy is working overtime for the next week and won’t be home to take care of me.. But he did run out and buy stuff to make me chicken noodle soup, and also made potato salad for our kids to have for dinner. 

Maybe getting this sick isn’t soooo bad – I mean, it sucks balls, but having the men in my life give me some extra sweetness isn’t so bad. 


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