Screw the numbers!!!!

We, as a society, are OBSESSED with numbers!!! The year of your vehicle, the age of your house, your yearly income, how many years of college/university you have, how much you make per hour, how many kids you have, how many trips you’ve been on, how many continents you’ve visited, your weight, your height, your age, how much you spend on clothes, bla bla bla… and of course the one that people lie about almost as much as their weight… how many people you’ve slept with.. haha!

WHY!? Why can’t people just be themselves! A person is more than what they make, what they drive, their address or their weight. We are so complex, and awesome, and have so much more to us than just the numbers that make up our outsides. You can’t really put a number on someones personality, or their loyalty, their sense of humor, or how they make you feel.

So in an effort to obliterate the number bs, I have decided to share some of mine!!! I am going to take a picture and share my weight every Monday morning! And I am going to post what I eat every day and what exercise I have done. I want to make weight a less taboo topic.

It DOES NOT define you!! It is just a part of who you are. And if you don’t like the number staring back at you from the scale, or on the tag of your clothes, then change it! A bigger number does not make you less of a person, and a smaller number does not make you a better person!

Live your life… enjoy your particular numbers… but stop letting them make you who you are. You are a bright and vibrant person and you are worth more than any number!!!



One thought on “Screw the numbers!!!!

  1. Your blog post is similar to what my blog is going to be. I am writing about my weight loss. I am attempting to go a year without getting on the scale. I agree with you it is just three numbers on the scale. I will start off slow go two weeks, then a month, and the eventually a year. I will post often about my year without the scale.


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