Lululemon… do I have your attention now?


Every few decades, there is a new fashion trend that just sticks, and it blows the crap up! Does anyone else remember Doc Martens? Hello blast from the past! Were you one of the people who owned them? I did not, but I admired them from afar. Did you know they still make Doc Martens? Exactly! They are still around, but they aren’t in the “must have” fad/cult category anymore.

Well, I think most people expected Lululemon to be a fad, also. Paying 90 dollars for a hoodie? PUHLEASE! And yet, all these years later, they are still around, selling-out of shit on a regular basis, AND their prices have done nothing but INCREASE in the past 8 years. I say again PUHLEASE! Now for the same hoodie I paid 90 dollars for in 2007, it costs 118 dollars. WTF! Yes, they are amazing.. Yes, I own a ton of them (upwards of 20 scuba hoodies) But are they worth almost 120 dollars a pop? Hmmm…..

I love Lulu… I will be the first to admit! I own around 20 scubas, several sweaters, a few pairs of pants (read:5), a couple pairs of shorts, and about 20 crbs. (Lingo that only lulu fans will understand… to the layman, scuba = hoodie, crb = tank top) My husband swears by their boxers, and owns about 25 pairs of them (at 24-34 dollars a pair, he spends a pretty penny to keep his balls comfortable) He also has some of their socks, and he says their sweats are the best thing on earth (he has already worn through 3 pairs of them!)

So sufficed to say, Lululemon is a staple in my house. That does not mean that I don’t bitch my face off about the cost!! It is quite expensive, and since they started outsourcing, I find that the quality has suffered. I remember back in the day, when their stuff was made in Vancouver! Such is not the case anymore. Not saying that outsourcing = poor quality.. I have just found that since they stopped making everything in Vancouver, it just isn’t the same anymore.

Now, lets get to the cult part. Search “lulu” on eBay if you are ever interested in having a small stroke. I can NOT believe that people are paying – HAPPILY – 120 dollars for a tank top, and THREE HUNDRED for stretchy pants!! Pardon my french, but what the fuck!? Sure, I love a pretty colored crb as much as the next dude, but 120 dollars for it just because it is a “rare” color? Get bent. I pay 42 for them new, and struggle with that. But people do it, and they do it with a smile on their face, and a blase attitude toward their credit card bill. And that is great for them! I just can’t do it. If I am able to find them on sale, or even sold by someone who wore it once and hated it, then all the better! Take for instance yesterday, I spent 25 dollars on a singlet (a loose tank top to shroud my flubber belly…) It has a TINY hole in it from the previous owner wearing it around a fire and getting hit with a rogue ash… This tank is regularly 54 new, so I figured 25 was fair for a hole that isn’t noticeable, and I was planning on wearing at work where I use a cleaner that kills aids. But still, to think about it.. I spent 25 dollars on a damaged tank top! All because of that little silver swoopy thing on the hem. Am I crazy? Perhaps, but no crazier than the next lulu-junky.

HOWEVER. It will be a freezing icy cold day in hell before I ever shell out 100+ dollars for a tank top, or 300+ for frigging stretchy pants! Come on people.. they’re stretchy pants! (I have a very solid opinion about stretchy pants, but I will save that for another rant…) I get that the are comfy and pretty, and people swear they give you a nice ass. But here’s an idea.. do some squats, and pay 20 bucks for some yoga pants from fabletics! Just an idea. 300 dollars for WUP’s is absolutely absurd. Then again, this is just my opinion. I will never tell someone they are dumb for doing so, as I am sure I spend money on things that other people find to be asinine… but as for myself? Never happen. Not to mention, these are the same pants that have come under fire several times in the past few years for being see-through. Not sure about you, but when I wear pants, I prefer if my ass isn’t still visible. But that’s just me!

Either way… Lululemon is around for good. People are crazy for their stuff, and that is fine and dandy. It still just completely blows me away to see how crazy people actually go! But I suppose if they are happy, then all the power to them.


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