It’s all about perspective..

My friends have been commenting on how god awful my work hours are.. Yeah, I get it – I work early! But you know what? I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! There aren’t a lot of people who would intentionally choose a job that started at 530 in the morning, but that’s just what I did!

I work at a Crossfit Box, and I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is!! The people who work there are amazing, and the people who come in to workout are so happy and upbeat. It really is an incredible workplace. Plus I get to train there now, which is AWESOME!!!

I get up for work at 430, get ready, and then get my shakes ready for the day. I get to work at 515 and get everything going for the day, while the 500 class is just getting into it. I’m then by myself until 830, which is kinda awesome, cuz it’s not super busy, so I get to learn a bit more about the job, the gym and the people there. PLUS!!! I get to come home every day at noon, so I still get to spend the whole day with my youngest son and my husband, and when my older two get home from school. And it opens up my afternoons for errands and school functions. It’s perfect! Two worlds, one day.

It’s great!! My end goal is to get into nutrition and continue to help people with my Beachbody thing, and to really find their inner awesome and set it free. I’m just so excited I get to spend my hours in such a great atmosphere.

See.. It’s about perspective! Not a lot of people would be excited to work at 530 in the morning.. To drag out of bed at 430 and drive to work in the dark and the cold, and then do everything alone for 3 hours.. But I LOVE IT!!!!

Perspective is good.. You just gotta know how to use it.






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