Just call me Olaf!

Who knew that being pregnant would be the most stable my hormones would feel to me!

I am severely hypothyroid, and have an autoimmune disease that also makes me swing into hyperthyroid.. it’s delightful! I have an appointment on Wednesday to get this crap figured out AGAIN.. it was a nightmare to get my blood work done.. but that’s not what I am talking abut right now.

I am desperately hoping that my doctor is able to find my sweet spot (the place where my meds work properly and I feel like a real live human again!) because the influx of crap I deal with on a daily basis is really driving me nuts! (men look away!) I am so sick of only getting a 7-9 day reprise from the nonsense women have to deal with on a monthly basis. (okay men, you can look back now.. not sure how you will know this as you are looking away.. I will just will you to look haha) But my hair is dry and falling out, my skin is absurdly dry and no matter how much lotion I use, it matters not… I am completely INCAPABLE of warming up! For real, it is insane. I cook my children and husband out of our bonus room on a daily basis because I have my space heater going the whole time I am up here. The other day, I laid on the floor in front of it with the hood up on my hoodie, and the heater was set at 30 degrees celcuis.. and I did not warm up! I am a human version of Olaf! Round around the middle and completely frozen.

But, 4 more days!!! 4 more days and I can sit in a room with my expensive specialist and BEG him to fix this!! Enough is enough already… I broke down and cried (just a little) at work today when someone asked me about it. This is ridiculous already.

Anyway.. enough venting for now. I will get fixed. I will get better. And I will be normal. Well, probably not the last one.. I am going to see a doctor, not a wizard – I think I am stuck being abnormal forever šŸ˜‰ And that is absolutely fine with me!


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