Don’t just be in the fire, BE THE FIRE!


Something about this came screaming off the page at me. “you are not thrown into the fire, you ARE the fire” It kind of makes you think, hey? Stop thinking about your problems as the fire, and BE THE FIRE… rule your world, and handle your shit like a ball of fire.

Kind of makes me think of right now.. My husband and I are about to step into yet another fire in our lives. We have already been through so many, so this is just a drop in the bucket, or a spark in the blaze, as it were. I am not going to lie, I am not a big fan of huge changes.. especially when they are not at all what you had planned. Change is hard, but when you feel like you have a plan and a path, and all of that is yanked out from under you, it can be rather startling! But I have decided to be the fire.. I will forge forward on my new path, and burn!

Together, my husband and I have proven to be an unstoppable force of nature. And now I know why – we are the fire in our lives. Trevor and I are so insanely stubborn and driven, we are pigheaded and have big dreams and huge plans. I guess we just didn’t realize that THIS plan was not OUR plan.

In a way, it is kind of exciting. Like the start of a new chapter. I am so glad that I have him by my side… the two of us together… wow… All I can say is watch out… Our fire is about to explode.


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