Being sick sucks…

So my husband and my oldest son went to Montreal last Tuesday.. It was such a cool experience for them! I stayed home and held down the fort with my youngest two. It was fun! We had snacks, watched movies, hung out, went out, and spent the whole week together laughing and playing. Until my 3 year old got sick.. Then all bets were off.

First off, he woke up almost every night crying for my husband. I completely understand.. He has never been away from my husband for more than one night. So I patiently hugged him back to sleep 4-5 times a night. But when he got sick, it increased by tenfold.

But all of those sleepless nights, and my appetite being completely absent (I’ve never been away from my son or my husband for that long) I wound up getting crazy sick, too.

MISERABLE! I haven’t been sleeping because I can’t breathe.. I haven’t been able to workout because I can’t breathe.. It’s been magical! And I’m back to work at 530 tomorrow morning. I love my job, but I so badly want to sleep!!

So fingers crossed I sleep well tonight, or there’s gonna be a lot more germs than normal at the gym I work at tomorrow 😉


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