Indoor playgrounds are a breeding ground of hellish proportions…

So… my husband and my oldest son have been in Montreal since Tuesday morning, and I am holding down the fort at home with my 9 year old and 3 year old… it’s been fun! We went for supper, got treats, had a movie night, played games, and snuggled lots. It’s been seamless and mellow!

Until last night………

I am sure it is just because my baby is getting sick (yeah yeah, he’s 3.. he’s the last baby I will ever have, therefore, he is still my baby!) but he was SO AWFUL last night! From about 630-930, he ran around, jumped around, and SCREAMED at the top of his lungs that he “need daddy to come home! I need him now! He needs to be home!” And when I say screamed, I mean my ears were literally ringing and hurt. He’s never been that way, so I found it odd. He upset himself so bad, he ended up knotting his stomach and throwing him into some sort of insanely anxiety driven constipation. NOT AWESOME.

I finally got him to bed and asleep by 945, which is crazy late for him (he is usually sleeping by 830) and thought I had passed the worst of it. WRONG AGAIN! He has developed some form of barking seal cough (very much like when he had croup last year) and his nose is running so bad, even with me diligently wiping his poor nose, his upper lip is turning red and it looks so sore. So all night long, all I could hear was barking coughs, and I did not sleep a wink.

He got up this morning, and seemed to be in good spirits. He came and watched cartoons with me for a while, then out of nowhere “I NEED MY DADDY COME HOME!!!” Oh god.. here we go again. And proceeded to do this all over again, from 835-1041 when he FINALLY stopped and decided he was okay. SERIOUSLY NOT AWESOME.

All the while, my husband is having the time of his life in Montreal, experiencing the most insanely huge sandwich I have ever seen, and going to an NHL game. Not gonna lie, after the 24 hours I have had, I am seething with an almost unhealthy jealous rage. I know my little guy will be okay, but it has drained me so severely, I feel like I am now coming down with something, too. And all I want to do is punch my husband in the face for having so much fun, and not having any responsibility while I am dealing with all of this glorious awesomeness.

But really, I blame myself for this onset of barking seal cough and non-stop boogers… Let this be a warning to you!!!! No good ever comes from going to Indoor Playgrounds… They are a repugnant cesspool of boogers and germs, and I am fairly certain that most of them should be shut down by the CDC! I made the mistake of taking him, well knowing that he tends to get sick every time we go there. Won’t make that mistake again! This is just not worth it – for either of us! And should I ever venture into one of those pits of nastiness again, we will all be shrouded with hazmat suits.

Hoping that this disease ends with him… and quick!

Nasty little petri dishes……


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