Sweaty & Damaged

So, today my husband and I stepped out of our comfort zones – waaaay out for him, as he has only gone to a gym three times in his whole life. And he is still totally in shape and has amazing muscles – you have my permission to hate him. It was also pretty out of my comfort zone – I work out lots, but almost always in the safety (and privacy) of my living room. (gotta love Beachbody, hey!? I can work out in my pajamas.. other people could, too, but at least no one would throw things at me if I worked out in my pajamas in my own home..)

So today was a big step for me – not only something in a new setting, but something new entirely! For anyone who hasn’t done CrossFit before, it is a WHOLE NEW WORLD (excuse me while I now sing to myself the song from Aladdin…) There are bars and rings and weights and kettlebells and mats and sled things and all sorts of grunting and banging… and it is awesome! We just did an introductory class today, that had us swinging like monkeys on bars and trying to bring our knees to our armpits. SNORT! I can barely do that on flat ground.. but we gave it a go, and I was able to bring them to my chest. All proud of myself, I clapped chalk off of my hand and then I felt it… SKIN FLAP! Shit. I tore my flesh (pardon me while I shudder to myself over that revolting fact.. flesh shouldn’t rip – cut, sure – but not rip!!) So I got my trainer/coworker to tape my “sissy mom hands” and got back to it. Then after all of the swinging we were on to our WOD, which consisted of rowing 2000m on these machines, and every 3 minutes, we had to do 6 v-situps. I banged out my first set, then it occurred to me that a bathroom break was imminent, so off I went, lagging behind the group.. but I figured it was better than rowing a machine in a pond of my own urine. I am so dainty…

After that, we went to Booster Juice. And while my son and husband placed our order, I sat on a chair, and unpeeled the skin flap on my hand as to place it back into it’s appropriate hole, in hopes that it will re-fuse and it will heal better. How’s that for ladylike behavior? “oh honey, can your order me a Bananas-A-Whey? I am just going to pick at this flap of my torn flesh” YUCK.

And like the Insaniac that I am, I did my INSANITY MAX:30 when I got home! It was hard, and it was awesome. I sweat so much, my bandaid fell off. Carpet + skin flap = less awesome. Ouch. And by this point, I was a giant walking puddle of blood, sweat and tears.. minus the blood and tears.

But I got showered and bandaided, and as a precaution, I wrapped black hockey tape around my hand to keep my bandaid on. My husband said I look like a boxer. I suppose that is true – I am kicking my own ass in the funnest way possible, and I LOVE IT!!



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