A moms work is never done = extra calorie burn

I have 3 boys.. which means I am literally going from room to room, picking up the remnants of the most recent boy-nado. I am constantly up and down my 40-some stairs, into one room after the next, and it occurred to me… EXTRA CALORIE BURN! Gonna start doing squats and lunges when I pick up my kids toys, and I will have the nicest ass around! For real, cuz my 3 year old has no abillity to just walk through a room without a wake of destruction behind him! I counted, and I have cleaned my bonus room 6 times today, and it is dirty again!

Being a mom is hard work! Between wiping pee off of the toilet seat, to picking up every Mickey Mouse toy that has ever been invented, to all of the constant balls in the house, and the never-ending stream of laundry that is in and out of the washer/dryer (and I fold everything still, because I have rampant ocd and require that the shirts and pants be folded a certain way.. haha)… I honestly feel like I have run a marathon every night when I finally get to fall into the warmth and safety of my bed.. I love my bed.. ah, bed 🙂

They are fabulous little humanoids, but sometimes I just wish I was Mary Poppins so I could just wave my hand and make the messes go away! But as I said, make it a work-out, and Mary Poppins will be wishing she had my backside!!

It’s all about perspective, people!!


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